Should I consider a career in accounting? Absolutely.

If you're a team player

Contrary to popular belief, many accountants work in teams, either with other accountants or organizational leaders who count on them and their advice. Sure, accountants sometimes work alone, but so much of their work is collaborative. For example, once an accountant has compiled financial information, they develop solutions to present to teams so they can make informed decisions.

If you enjoy solving puzzles

Often accounting requires digging in, solving a mystery, piecing things together, and uncovering details that aren't always obvious.

If you're organized

Organized folks make good accountants! Accountants are responsible for sorting through financial data, organizing it, and delivering information about it.

If you're a good planner

Do you like to make plans? Accountants plan and project into the future to help people and companies achieve their financial goals.

Accounting is for you!

Elijah Naveed began his career in Miami, earning up to $59,000 a year performing audits of credit unions.
After just two years, he had been promoted to senior associate in Atlanta earning $75,000.
Four years later, he became a manager and earned $122,000, auditing banks around the world.
After 16 years, he was elected partner at his firm and earning $400,000.

Concerned about paying for college? Not to worry!

There are many scholarships available specifically for students pursuing accounting degrees.