Travel the world as an accountant?

It's true, there are countless travel opportunities for accountants. No matter the kind of work you're passionate about or the industry you want to work in, you can find a job that helps you see the world.

Work on your own time, remotely, or travel and live virtually anywhere you want.

As an accountant, you may find yourself traveling to client sites, or enjoying flexible work environments that let you work during the day and explore a new city at night. Wherever it is you want to go, accounting can get you there.

Did you know there is a labor shortage for accountants?

This means unemployment of accountants is substantially lower than the national unemployment rate. This "shortage" forces employers to be more flexible, both in the hiring process and when providing work environments. Companies are offering more flexibility through the ability to work remotely, flexible hours, unlimited vacation time, and other lifestyle benefits aimed at providing a higher work/life balance.